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Welcome back HOME!

I offer Human Design 1:1 and co-creating to guide you back home to your beautiful nature. 

"Inside of you there is beautiful power, light and magic that wants to radiate through you."

Tailored advice for you
- How does you highest potential look like?  
- How do you best attract opportunities?
 - How do you best take decisions?
- How does your shadows look like?

"Find back to your unique inner wisdom and peace. The liberation lays within"

kr. 2.200

"One advice does not suite us all."

What is the secret to happiness and success?

As children we knew who we came on this planet to be and what we where here to do. However, as the years go by, we are exposed to external influences - as parents, school and society in general, that tells us to be different than who we are on a soul level. What happens then is that we get conditioned - which means that we get told that we are something other than what we are and we begin to believe that those things are necessary for us, to be loved, successful and accepted. We become in separation with our own soul that leads to suffering. 

The truth is that the secret to liberation and success in all areas of our lives comes from being the person we came here to be - in all areas of lives. We all came to this earth to show up in our true nature, to be liberated, free and FULLY alive. From here we all share our gifts so beautifully and together we help the world become a better place to live. 


Because of our conditioning, we have to go through a process of unlearning and deconditioning, so that we can come back home. The old self has to die in order for the rebirth to take place. The transformation will make you uncomfortable and it is a part of the the prosess of growth. The beauty of coming out on the other side makes it all beautiful and we would never been without it. 


Back home is a beautiful place to be and live. We no longer search for happiness from a place of lack, where we never get satisfied and in a constant searching. We are whole and and we operate from our heart. We show up in our innate gift and inner wisdom, rather than living from the shadow side of it. In our home there is no limits and abundance is everywhere. True and long-lasting happiness occurs. From here we can play in the game of the outside world and abundance is everywhere. 

How can we use Human Design and how can it help me?
Human Design is a new science of self-understanding. It combines many schools of wisdom and the result is a system that is here to guide you back home.

Human Design is simply a blueprint of your souls mission on this earth. It gives you concrete tools for you to lean back into your natural state of being. It gives you permission and acceptance to show up as who you truly are. There is only one of you and that is your superpower. We do not need Human Design because we have everything inside ourselves and we are our own Human Design map. However, since we are so conditioned and reconnected from our true nature. Human Design is now available for us as a reminder of what we have forgotten along the way. It shows us that the same advice is not suitable for everyone. The road to happiness and success is completely unique to all of us. Human Design gives you tools that works for YOU, not tools that has worked for someone else in the past. 


When you start living in line and show up in this world as your real essence -  you have no limits and abundance is everywhere. When you live from your truth and show up in your gifts, rather than living from the shadow side of it, life will show up from the outside world in the most unexpected ways. 

Are you ready to go back home and lean into your new life full of possibility?

What can I expect to get clarity in in a 1:1 reading?

  • Who you came here to be.

  • What your highest potential looks like.

  • How to best attract opportunities.

  • How to best make decisions.

  • How you shadows looks like. 

  • Lifestyle tips that are unique to you.

If you are already familiar with Human Design and want to dig deeper into a specific theme in your life, I am here to guide you.

«There is only one of you and that is your SUPERPOWER»

Hello again, Kaja!


Thank you very much for an incredibly nice conversation - it gave me a really good feeling both during and afterwards.

It was a projector's dream! You have an infectious energy and are warm and down-to-earth. I felt properly seen and understood, and I feel that I have been even more inspired to live in my authentic way.

Best regards from Charlotte


5/1 Milt Projektor

Hi Kaja and thank you very much for such a good reading and conversation today! 🥰 So nice to hear your wise words and be able to share with you completely honestly what I stand for❤️

And very grateful for recording both in sound and image!😍Much would have been forgotten if I didn't have that opportunity! I've already had you in my ear, and discovered 'new' things, which I didn't quite get along the way! And thanks for the good advice and meditation!!❤️Just knowing that I can get 'you' out at any time, lights me up✨🕯️✨


And I look forward to reading the analysis and further discussion! SO happy for the in-depth package!😍





5/1 Sakral Generator.


Let´s connect!



"Back HOME is a beautiful place to live."


Thank you very, very much Kaja.


This was an incredibly good boost for me and I would loved to have had this knowledge many years ago.


I've always had a hard time making choices, I usually put it off until the last minute. And after I got my map and compass and I realized that it was part of me being afraid to let go. With that understanding, it is easy as a game for me to see the difference between what feels safe from old habit and what is actually my way of life. I can now be 100% confident in the choices I make.


I got many aha experiences and a more insight into what and how I should be the communicator I am.

Kaja has an amazing energy that you will love. And she conveys your Human Design map with such empathy that it is a joy to hear about yourself. You become more loving towards yourself and understand who you are. 

Evelyn Floan,

5/1 Sacral Generator

Wow, This was amazing. Your ability to see and read me is all I need. I feel so much better just by having you around.  I love the way you explain and how you combine tools from Human Design with your own experience. 

I feel so clear and calm.

Thank you. 

I highly recommend you to everyone. 




6/2 Generator

I watched the Reading on tape again now and got a good feeling inside (even on a low emotional wave). I also had a good experience during the Reading and felt I got a lot of clarity and tips for strategies that I can try out. I've never had a session like that before and I'm not used to talking so deeply about myself with strangers. You were genuine and confident and gave me room to reflect while guiding us through all the questions. Impressive!

Rita Nerland

6/2 Emotional Manifestor

Thank you so much for yesterdays reading. You conveyed with so much respect and love and touched my heart so deeply. New doors was opened inside of me and will be my springboard forward. Light and love from me. Already recommend you to my group of people. 

Frøydis A. Rønning

6/2 Projector



Kaja has a magnificent gift in seeing the potential in people. For me i trusted her intuition enough to give the reading without the chart as her word reached me deep within. She allows you to feel at ease, clear and confident in the path you are to walk. Aside from that, she is a wonderful women, full of care, joy and alive to be around. Take a session with her, you won’t regret it!



5/1 Sacral Generator

I was lucky enough to experience a Human Design Reading with Kaja. Kaja herself is an absolutely wonderful person. She has an exceptional ability to create a relaxed and calm atmosphere, where you feel comfortable and safe and can fully engage in Reading. She has fantastic communication skills and a deep understanding and knowledge of HD. She also explains in a simple and understandable way through her open, warm and friendly approach. I learned so much about myself and everything she explained was relevant and "on point" with what I needed clarity on. The many tools and tips she gave me have been so helpful, which I know will have a lasting effect on me. Whenever I face challenging periods, I look back at the conversation with Kaja, which is so helpful and beautiful.



What makes the experience even better and more sustainable is that Kaja has a gift for communication and meets you in her optimistic nature. If you want to understand yourself better or gain more clarity, I can strongly recommend a Reading with Kaja. It is a valuable experience that will have a lasting effect if you engage.


Sven M,

3/5 Sacral Generator

Thank you so much for a beautiful and nurturing conversation Kaja. It gave me a lot! Very nice to understand why I experience what I do and how I can relate to it. 


Again, thank you!


4/6 Generator 

Hi Kaja,

 Thank you so much for a magical reading. This was absolutely fantastic. I loved the way you conveyed Human Design and my map! You can say what I need to hear. It hit me as a very clear truth that gave me a reminder of who I am, and permission to be who I am. Can't recommend you enough, and am considering spending hours for my team to have Readings with you 🤩

Torunn Ytrehus,

4/6 Milt Projector

Hello again beautiful Kaja 💕



I heard from Randi that it was possible to buy a Blueprint from you with more information about my map etc. I would love to! Ever since the reading with you, I've pondered, processed and reflected on everything I learned, and I'm starting to understand myself more, but want to go deeper and learn even more about my type and traits ☺️



I felt very seen and understood by you, and you have really good skills in this Kaja, thank you very much again for the class ❤️ It was really an eye opener, and it felt so safe and good to be guided by you. Your experiences and advice that you shared with me gave me so much hope for everything ahead. I am so inspired by your podcast and story, you rock! 🤩🙌🏽


Hugs from Oda

5/1 Sacral MG

Kaja is a wonderful person who have helped me understand myself better, by giving me an HD reading.


She has a deep and thorough understanding of how HD works, which gives me a reassurance that what she is telling me is correct. Everything she said made sense to me and was so spot on that I am convinced of the value that lies in this.


The way she work gives you a complementary understanding and insight into yourself. she also give you inspiration and motivation to live a more authentic life.


I can highly recommend her!

Viljar Rystad,

3/5 Self-projected Projector

What an amazing experience. With focusing on breath and body, it feels strengthening and energising at the same time. 

Kaja is especially good at creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere. It feels safe and comfortable and we can lean in to what feels good to each and one of us. 

We get new energy and share energy with each other that feels amazing

Afterwards our body feels relaxed with less tension. You become more aware and focused on positivity


Highly recommend! 

Vibeke B,

On behalf of Drømmekjøkkenet AS. 

I tested Human Design with Kaja this week. A really exciting way to learn about yourself. 

And Kaja is the most beautiful person in the world to speak with. 

Highly recommend!


Maria Anda Vangen,

6/2 Manifesting Generator 

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