My history

Hi, I am Kaja. 


Today I live a beautiful life where I follow my dreams and go from what’s feels good and true to my heart and body. I follow the nature of who I am here to be, and I am guiding other women to do the same. I fully believe that we are all here to shine our light and when we do – life becomes beautiful. 


This hasn´t always been the case and in fact my life looked quite the opposite. What I thought was the answer to success and happiness was achieved - stable job, good salary, cohabitant, apartment, etc. The list was long. Everyday life was full of chores and distractions, in a desperate attempt to try to control life. It turned out the more I tried to control it, the further away from myself I become. 


I was lost in a trap of constantly searching for more. Never satisfied with where I was or what I had. I was so confused because on the one side this was how I were told life to be and on the other side I felt empty inside. Off course there were flashes of happiness here and there. Still, there was no true last longing feeling of joy, happiness, and peace. This way of living did not feel true to my body, and I had to make a change. 


It turned out that happiness was not to find anyplace else than inside myself.  


I can tell you from my own experience that it did not come from quitting my job. However, I did quit my 9-5 job. I was free. For the first time since I was kid. A feeling that is difficult to describe. I could now start for myself. During the same period, I began to dig deep - in an attempt to find myself. Now I knew all the tricks for how to love yourself. The irony was that I still could not feel it. The truth was, I was more confused than ever. 


It turned out I had to unlearn everything I had learned and write a new story for me. A story that was aligned with who I truly am. 



This was difficult to admit at this point. I decided to take action and started to work with a Coach/ Co-creator. This was the beginning of my healing process. Now I stepped out of the comfortable and leaned into the ignorant and uncomfortable. I let go of everything I had previously tried to control and trusted that something better was waiting on the other side, regardless of the outcome. During the same period, I also came across Human Design. 



Now I started to live in line with my energy and my design. The blueprint of who I am here to be. My true nature. I got to know myself again and started to become my own best friend. I leaned into the total universe inside of me. The divine goodness I am. We all are. 


Today I guide other women do the same. When we live in our true nature of who we are here to be, everything is possible.