8 week 1:1 - Welcome Home

Welcome Home to your truest self, in your highest potential.

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Service Description

I am so happy you are here, and since you are, I guess you are ready to reconnect with your truest self and live out your highest potential. Is this you? In this 1:1 program you get tailored guidance, healing and tools created for YOU. We go through all the areas of your life and work on those that might be out of balance. This is a place where transformation happens. Are you ready? To come back home in your natural energy and radiance from the inside-out is a process and I am here to guide and support you. We all came to this earth to show up in our true nature, to be liberated, free and FULLY alive. A process of unlearning and deconditioning is required. The old self has to die in order for the rebirth to take place. The transformation will make you uncomfortable and it is a part of the the prosess of growth. Back home is a beautiful place of wholeness. We show up in our innate gift and inner wisdom. True and long-lasting happiness occurs. From here we play in the game of the outside world, where abundance is truth. No longer searching for happiness from a place of lack. As whole, we operate from heart. The inner beauty reflects the outer beauty unfolding in front of our eyes. If you are ready for a transformation, I am here to guide you along the way. My greatest gift is that I hold the space and guide you through your healing and growth. I have been through this transformation myself and teach only from own experiences. For decades I lived a life far away from my true essence. My masculine side was dominant, and I used food to escape and numb myself. I know how it is to be out of balance and how to come back in alignment. I have also studied different modalities (nervous system, yoga/meditation, Human Design and Reiki and Quantum physics, to name a few). This Co-creating combines all I have learned on my way with tools from the different modalities. The best investment we do is in ourself. One life on this planet, in this body and if you are ready to go back home, this is for you. The nature of this work is profound and transformative, and requires you to be fully committed. If you are interested, in exploring this, I would love you to take contact, so we can schedule a free call to see if we fit well. What is included? - Tailored program for your uniqueness - HD Reading - 8 x 1:1 session - Mindful eating meditation + 3 other meditations - Grocery list - Free access to me from 8-4 - Integration of your HD and quantum physics

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